Smit Shah

Apple's End

Apple launched its first version of iPod in 2001. It revolutionized how people listen to music. It CREATED a market that did not exist before that.

Apple created a new smart phone market with their launch of the iPhone. The created a market for touch screen phones.

Microsoft had their Windows Mobile OS in the market for years before. I owned a HTC Smartphone sold under T-Mobile's brand name in 2004, way before the iPhone was released in 2007.

Today, there are talks about Apple releasing iPhone 5.

Talking about more recent times, I recently purchased an Android Tablet (Acer A500), a Windows Tablet (Acer W500) and an iPad 2. I have also owned a Windows Phone 7 for over 7 months.

I like the home screen that the Windows Phone 7 offers. It is easier to scroll through the home screen than flipping through it like the Android and iOS versions do.

The biggest difference that I noticed though, was the ability of a windows or an android phone to navigate BACK to the previous screen. I have been so used to the back button at the bottom of my screen, that I naturally gravitate towards that button incase I did something wrong.

Try doing that with your iOS device. Well, you cant. You are relying on the application developer to allow you to go back. Even when the button is available, it is not always on the same location. BIG MISS on this MR JOBS.

Apple is trying to create its own closed world, but restricting its systems, and softwares with APIs that are not as extensive as the Android or Windows systems.

All in all, Apple is a great brand, and it has a great loyal customer base. But, you have to do something COOL to reclaim that "innovator" spot.

Till than... Apple has run its course.

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