Smit Shah

Miami FL Software Engineer

 Senior Software Engineer -
 Location:  Miami, Florida
Will be involved in the Full Life Cycle Development including interfacing with users during the analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of critical business applications supporting multiple areas of the company.
Technical Qualifications:
Knowledge of Visual Basic.NET and C#.
• Extensive knowledge of .NET framework.
• Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
• Strong knowledge of Client/Server architecture.
• Strong knowledge of relational database management systems (ex. SQL Server 2008).
• Strong knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL).
• Knowledge of database design and data modeling software (ex. ERwin).
• Knowledge of Source Control software (ex. SubVersion).
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office Project.
• Work with Senior Software Developer to support existing development activities.
• Work with Application Manager to determine project requirements.
• Work with Application Manager to develop execution plans.
• Work with PTS Operations Team to provide assistance with application/business knowledge.
• Assist in Sarbanes –Oxley quarterly documentation process.
• Design and plan software development to fulfill end-user requirements.
• Develop software from documented requirements and specifications.
• Participate in review and approval activities as well as testing and troubleshooting.
• Must be able to work in multidisciplinary teams on various projects.
• Prepare project plans.
• Perform other duties as assigned by management.

Seth Weinstein
Senior Technical Recruiter
363 Seventh Avenue, NYC, NY
Eric Robert Associates, LLC



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