Smit Shah

Windows8 Consumer Preview

I have been a Windows guy for years.So when the tablet trend came arround, I got myself a Acer W500 windows tablet based on a Windows7 Home Premium install by default.
As expected, when Microsoft announced that they will be offering Windows8 download for free,
I decide to upgrade my win7 tablet wth the new Win8 version.

Having used Window Phone 7 (WP7) for over 15 months (since it came out) I am very familiar with the interface and the experience.
I had recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S II and found the software to be overly complex and needing too many tweaks to make it work. So I switched back to my WP7.

The Win8 Consumer preview has fallen short on various expectations.
Below are a few that I can think of just tinkering with it for a day.
1) It only shows one tile for email, I like the functionality in WP7 where I can have one tile per email account, so I know which account got that email.
2) When adding an email account, there is no way to change the name for the account, it sets the name as "Google" which is absolutely ridiculous.
3) Lack of apps in the appstore. If I was MSFT, I would have done what Apple did with the iPad, automatically make apps in the iPhone marketplace work in the iPad marketplace.
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